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2013 is the twenty-first year of the Thomas Wooden Railway. This is the first year the line was produced by Fisher-Price under Mattel. Products gained rounded edges for safety purposes and plastic was included increasingly into destinations and vehicles in order to cut down on production costs.

Avaliable Products

Since the line is under a new company, everything released is technically new for Mattel. Items that are new or reintroduced to the Wooden Railway overall are noted.


Vehicles were updated to feature curved edges and longer magnets guards. This is the first year since 2003 where dates on vehicles wheels were updated. Later in the year, painted wheels were removed from vehicles that originally had them.


Coaches and Cars

Non-Rail Vehicles

Multi-Car Packs


Talking Engines

Buildings and Destinations

Many destinations also featured more detailed graphics and artwork with characters appearing on the destinations themselves, a feature carried over from Fisher-Price's other merchandise line, Take-n-Play.

Bridges and Tunnels



Play Accessories


  • Most prototypes of items are 2011 versions with some minor changes.
  • The yearbook this year received check boxes again.