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Toby (first released as Toby the Tram Engine until 2000) is a wise brown tram engine who has a coach named Henrietta.

Product Description

Character Card

Toby is an engine who is always happy to work, although sometimes he can be a bit temperamental.


  • 1993 (sticker decals on sides and front, single roof mold, flat magnets, staples on chassis)
  • 1994 (painted decals, curved screwed in roof, no staples on chassis, made in China)
  • 1994 (big round magnets, dated wheels)
  • 1996 (small round magnets)
  • 1997 (big, flatter round magnets, thick wheels)
  • 2001 (darker details, name on bottom of chassis)
  • 2002 (repainted body with added details and brighter shade of light brown)
  • 2008 (eyes painted, lighter shade of brown)
  • 2011 (CG style face, lighter shade of brown)
  • 2013 (updated face, added funnel, curved edges, longer magnet guards covered in grey plastic, other minor details)
  • 2020 (printed details on painted wood, light gray cowcatchers with red buffer beams, printed funnel and bell details)




  • The very first prototype Toby designs have no face or detailing, six grey wheels, and wooden cowcatchers mounted on the front and back with open sides. It was modified from an Annie or Clarabel base.
  • The prototype 1993 Toby features six wheels. Designer Roy Wilson said it was changed to four wheels due to the costs of producing the plastic cowcatchers.
  • Toby's 2002 prototype is featured on the following boxes:
  • Wood Toby is the first version of Toby since 1993 to have his body and roof as one piece.
  • The prototype Wood Toby erroneously depicts his funnel as being towards his back and with two bells, one on each side of his roof, instead of one bell. It also depicts a sharp edge jutting out from the right side of his cowcatcher.
  • The 1993-2012 versions of Toby have no funnel. Donald, Douglas, Duck, Bill, Ben, and Logan also share this.